New York Speaks, LLC offers a variety of speech and language therapy for both adults and children.



Our speech therapists have worked in acute and sub-acute care settings with patients who have suffered a variety of speech, language, and voice disorders ranging from vocal nodules, acid reflux, public speaking difficulties, and fluency, to stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, head and neck cancer, and neurological disorders.


NYS applies evidence-based practice approaches to provide treatments to adults of all ages. Our approach to treating adults differs from therapy suitable for children as we work closely with the geriatric aging population as well as young adults.


Children presenting difficulties in speech and language at a young age are a focus of New York Speaks. We use variety of age specific, stimulating toys and games including iPads and Apps that can be practiced in the home.

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"She would be a valuable addition to any project and any setting."

“I would like to recommend Andie Schneider as an intelligent and professional woman. She has acted as Speech Therapist for my husband who suffered from a motor neuron disease. Her treatment has been effective yet gentle. She has a gift of being able to combine professionalism and humanity. It is my opinion that she would be a valuable addition to any project and any setting.”

— Andrea

"He always enjoyed his therapy sessions."

“My son, Brian, who is five years old, went to New York Speaks for help with his stuttering. His speech therapist was very sweet with him and he always enjoyed his therapy sessions. They gave him fun toys and games which encouraged him to do his therapy in an enjoyable manner.”

— Sheryl

"Andie took a kind yet intensive approach."

“I had a diagnosis of dysphagia due to radiation post throat cancer. Andie took a kind yet intensive approach to treating my swallow and voice. We worked together both in my home and her office four times a week. Within three months, I was off of the tube feedings and was able to enjoy meals in a restaurant. It was great having her come to my home as some days I was unable to go to her office.”

— Phyllis